When we look at our                     incredible chocolate layer             cake, we see a lot more               than the best cake you

                 ever tasted . . .

The main reason why we hear men and women encourage us to continue the work of Laughing Bear Bakery is because it is a deeply personal issue. Most people know someone or is close to someone who is dealing with the overwhelming challenges of returning to society after serving time in prison; or, they are otherwise fully aware of the challenges that face ex-offenders. Number-one on the list of nearly impossible hurdles to cross is finding a job that will sustain them. It's understandable that so many people feel helpless to change the harsh realities of reintegrating to life outside of prison. It helps explain why recidivism is such a huge problem today. And, that is why Laughing Bear Bakery exists: so that we can help ex-offenders transition back to society as contributing members of the community.

So, when we look at our incredible chocolate layer cake, our Hardy Lombardi cookies, or our famous Bear Candy, we don't just see mouth-watering, delicious, made-from-scratch desserts; we see the young man who is now managing a restaurant while taking classes to further his career in food services. We see the woman who is now working at a permanent, full-time office job, planning for a bright, self-sufficient future.

Laughing Bear Bakery is successfully helping ex-offenders change their lives thanks to the financial support of men and women just like you. Across the St. Louis region, Laughing Bear Bakery is recognized for helping ex-offenders break out of the cycle of recidivism, one person at a time. Our willingness to hire ex-offenders, pay them above minimum wage, provide on-the-job training to work in a commercial kitchen, and establish a track record of employment enables them to make giant strides toward reintegrating into the community. Please join us in this endeavor by making your tax-deductible donation right now. Any amount is appreciated and will help to change lives for good. Click the DONATE button to make your donation.