Tuesday, May 15 - GEORGE LOMBARDI and PETE WALLACE will be on hand to answer questions at the world premiere of the documentary, "On The Buddha's Path" in New York City at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Robin Williams Center. 

Sunday, May 6, GEORGE LOMBARDI will speak at Trinity Episcopal Church, 600 N. Euclid Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63108. Call the church for more information: 314.361.4655.

Saturdays: May 5, 12, 19, 26 - Laughing Bear Bakery returns to the Open Air Farmers' Market on the parking lot of All Saints' Catholic Church in University City. You'll find an assortment of our fresh bakery goods right next to the Long Acres Farm fresh produce stand. To special order your items, please email a week in advance so we can be sure to bring what you want (eat@laughingbearbakery.org).

Wednesday, May 8, Board member SUE JACKSON and Kitchen Supervisor PETER WALLACE will speak at a meeting of the Greater St. Louis Fellowship of Baptist Women, hosted by Overland Baptist Church.


 Laughing Bear says, "Come out and join us!"

Laughing Bear says, "Come out and join us!"

THE BEAR is on the move around St. Louis . . .

The first weekend in March - Kalen McAllister, Founder of Laughing Bear Bakery - found herself being followed by a film crew from New York City! Kalen, a Buddhist priest, was chosen as a subject by a documentary team because of her compassion for and tireless efforts to help ex-offenders. She is one of only five women internationally they are concentrating on. They also interviewed George Lombardi (Board member and former Director of the Missouri Department of Corrections); Mike Gann (Board President); and, Pete Wallace (Board member and Kitchen Supervisor)  for this documentary which will be shown in NYC, San Francisco and in St. Louis in September.  You can follow the progress of this film, see photos and read updates on their Facebook Page: On The Buddha's Path.

film crew picture.jpg

The film crew visits Laughing Bear Bakery on a work day