Laughing Bear says, "Come out and join us!"

Laughing Bear says, "Come out and join us!"

THE BEAR is on the move around St. Louis . . .

The first weekend in March - Kalen McAllister, Founder of Laughing Bear Bakery - found herself being followed by a film crew from New York City! Kalen, a Buddhist priest, was chosen as a subject by a documentary team because of her compassion for and tireless efforts to help ex-offenders. She is one of only five women internationally they are concentrating on. They also interviewed George Lombardi (Board member and former Director of the Missouri Department of Corrections); Mike Gann (Board President); and, Pete Wallace (Board member and Kitchen Supervisor)  for this documentary which will be shown in NYC, San Francisco and hopefully in St. Louis. This is a real credit to Kalen and her altruism. She is simply extraordinary. You can follow the progress of this film, see photos and read updates on their Facebook Page: On The Buddha's Path.

film crew picture.jpg

The film crew visits Laughing Bear Bakery on a work day

March 26-28 - The Bear will be in Boston to share ideas at the 2018 March Alkermes Advocacy Summit

The Bear invites interested persons to attend the live performance of:

Hip Hop Poetry Project
March 31
St. Louis City Juvenile Detention Center
3847 Enright Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63108
7:00pm Matinee (6:30pm Check-in)
RSVP by Thursday, March 29th, 2018 (click this link):  RSVP

May 8 - Laughing Bear Bakery will present the goals and mission of the Bakery to the Greater St. Louis Baptist Women’s Missionary Fellowship luncheon