We love what you are doing!


Laughing Bear Bakery was founded in order to provide paid employment experience for ex-offenders, men and women who would love nothing more than to fit into the neighborhood, the city, the society in which they live. Listing the numbers of obstacles in their way is the subject for another post; however, it is wonderful to get the positive reactions of people when they learn about Laughing Bear Bakery.  

We hear a lot heartfelt words of encouragement and support from one and all and it seems that just about everyone is likely to say, "I love what you are doing!"  We would like you to know that when you come out and support the Bakery, buy the products, talk about the Bakery with your friends, share our muffins and cookies and hand-pies, sign up for the newsletter, give us suggestions and ideas, send in donations, "like" and "share" our page on Facebook - when you do all of these things, we love what you are doing, too . . . and so do the men and women who work at Laughing Bear Bakery! 

Some Very Nice People

Today (Saturday, April 1) was our first open-air market sales event on the parking lot of All Saints' Church in University City. We shared space there next to the farmers' market that is open Thursday through Saturday. This popular market serves the University City neighborhoods and folks from beyond the immediate area who come every week to purchase their produce and visit with the people who operate the market. It was a delightful morning of sunshine and smiles and new friends. Very quickly, it became apparent just who our customers and supporters are: they are generous, interesting, hospitable men and women of all ages and backgrounds who care deeply about the welfare of others; they love to laugh and they love good food; they are friendly and go out of their way to offer a word of encouragement or a compliment or a helpful suggestion. So many people made a special trip because they heard Jim Doyle mention the event on his Friday morning show on RAF-STL (107.3 FM) - including Jim, himself! Others are Facebook "friends" and others came to buy fresh produce and ended up buying cookies and muffins, too. The cherry hand-pies were the first to sell out, followed by the mini chocolate-chocolate cakes. We had just a few of the Bunny butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies - well, we had only a very few things to pack up before we left. We are so grateful for the hospitality of All Saints' church, House of India, and for the friendship and support of some very nice people who help us help others.